Your Credit and the Car Buying Process

Your Credit and the Car Buying Process

Whether you have good or bad credit, you must know your credit history plays a major role in the car buying process. Bad credit doesn’t mean your car loan will not be approved, but it may be cost you a bit more. Having good credit is great, but you still may have questions about your credit. If you don’t know what your credit score is, that’s okay! At Tranum Auto, we help finance your new or used vehicle and can walk you through the process of getting your credit score.

Your credit score is a huge part of the car buying process. Your credit score determines if you get approved or not. It also helps determine your interest rate, which then determines your monthly payments.

Below you will find more information about your credit and the car buying process!

Get Pre-Approved Online

Our team is dedicated to make the shopping experience a positive one for every potential car buyer, which is why you can get pre-approved by filling out the online application on our website. Financing with us is beneficial for many especially if your credit score is far from perfect due to our custom financing options.

Shop by Payment

To make it easier on you we have a tool available on our website known as Shop by Payment to find a vehicle that will fit your budget. Once your budget is set, do your research based on the cars that fit your budget and lifestyle.


At Tranum Auto, we will go over this with you and be incredibly transparent throughout the process. If you decide to go elsewhere, make sure you understand the fine print. The terms and conditions list everything including term length, the interest rate that your credit score helped you qualify for, and more.

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