Why You Should Trade in Your Old Vehicle

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If you’ve been looking at buying a quality used vehicle but don’t know what you should do with your current vehicle, Tranum Auto recommends a trade in. Selling your vehicle privately can take a lot of work. Potential buyers will want to test drive your vehicle in addition to stopping by to see the car in person. Since schedules may conflict with one another, this process will require plenty of time and effort especially if you want to sell it fast.

If you're looking to spend less of your time stressing, we recommend trading in your vehicle.

The Trade-In Process:

  • We’ll inspect your vehicle.
  • Our specialist will give you a value for your trade-in vehicle.
  • We’ll take care of all the behind-the-scenes paperwork.
  • You can drive off in a new-to-you vehicle the same day.

When selling your car privately, you may have to repeat the below process multiple times.

The Selling Process:

  • You list your car on multiple websites.
  • You meet with potential buyers.
  • Potential drivers test drive your vehicle.
  • You must negotiate price.
  • You and the buyer must work out all the paperwork with the bank and insurance companies.

Do you still owe on your vehicle but want to upgrade? No matter how old your vehicle is or how much money you owe on it, there is still a possibility to trade in your vehicle.

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